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Multiple Tooth Implant

Model of Multiple Tooth ImplantIf you need to replace several teeth in your mouth and you have heard about implants, you probably want to know more. Fay Periodontal Associates provides multiple tooth implant services for our valued dental patients. You can read more about this treatment plan and see how it may benefit you. Once you read the details, give us a call to set an appointment and consultation.

What Is a Multiple Tooth Implant - What Does It Entail?

A multiple tooth implant may cover most or all the teeth in one jaw or both jaws. This type of treatment must be done with precision and forethought. Therefore, we can focus on providing you with premium dental care. When you undergo a multiple tooth implant, we concentrate on a treatment plan that takes several weeks.

To prepare for a multiple tooth implant, we take x-rays and CT scans, and outline a smile design customized to your implant needs. The implants, which serve as artificial roots, will hold natural-looking and strong porcelain teeth or crowns. The extent of the treatment, of course, will depend on your dental needs and preferences. Today, advances in dentistry allow us the ability to add fixed temporary bridges or crowns on the same day the implants are placed.

The implants, which look like screws or metal cylinders, are surgically placed into the jaw where they fuse over time. It takes two to six months for the bone and implants to integrate. When they come together, they will form anchors for your new teeth. During this period, temporary restorations are placed at the treatment site(s).

How Do I Take Care of My New Teeth?

You can clean your new implanted teeth the same way you clean your natural teeth. Always brush and floss daily. It may also help to use a Waterpick type of appliance. You will also need to see us every six months, as you do for your regular teeth, for checkups. If you have a history where you have clenched your teeth or you grind them, we can supply you with a mouthguard to wear at night.

What Types of Restorations are Available for Multiple Tooth Implant Treatments?

You can choose to have a full mouth of porcelain crowns or fixed implant bridges when you choose this type of dental care. What you will eventually receive will depend on what teeth need replacement, and how many teeth are involved. Also, some patients are better off choosing smaller implants because of the size of their mouth. In some instances, patients choose to restore their smile with removable implant bridges and partials.

As you can see, these types of dental procedures depend on the unique needs of the dental patient. That is why you need to arrange for a consultation if you believe you can benefit from this dental solution. Again, we will take x-rays and use our imaging equipment to make a diagnosis and see what implant solution is right for you. Fay Periodontal Associates is committed to improving your smile through the latest dental advances. Give us a call today at (816) 673-2230 so we can meet your implant needs.
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